Beach Villa

These are individual bungalows designed with a traditional Maldivian architectural style. Coconut timber and other local wood materials used in the construction bring the local Maldivian architecture in its true glory. These rooms are a modernized version of a traditional Maldivian house. The name “Gothi” in local language means a plot of land with a house. Each room has an outdoor private veranda with a local swing, something that is rarely seen in any resort. To ensure maximum privacy, each Goathi has a fence on either side made from coconut thatch. The open air front yard outside the room has a separate resting area with chairs and a table where you can have a private meal, sip a drink or read a book in the full comfort of total privacy. Similarly, the furniture and other elements also resemble true Maldivian architecture. The doors are made to resemble the traditional Maldivian style of wood work and carpentry used in the old days.

Similarly, the use of locally made rope and other parts from the coconut trees will make you feel like living in a traditional Maldivian house. Even the curtains have been selected with bright colours and materials that were used in local houses more than 30 years ago. The light fittings, sofas and chairs inside the room are all handmade using local timber. The front yard features carefully selected local trees and shrubs, and a relaxing deck when you feel like staying outdoors. Guests will have full privacy with the fencing between the rooms. Stepping outside your room will instantly make you feel like walking in to Maldivian forest. The rooms are just few meters from the beach, and feature the following amenities: