KOTARI – Private Sand Deck Villa

These are the most stylish, aaaVeee style accommodation available in the island. Few meters away from the beach, just inside the vegetation line, under the shades of the beautiful palms that sway.

Similar to the other options, majority of the woodwork features coconut timber and local materials. Truly Maldivian feel of design concept these rooms are specially developed after studying, reviewing and with the feedback by many travel agents, tour operators.

The coconut trees that were removed from the island for construction have been used, making this a very eco-friendly room type. These renewable resources have been obtained from within the island which brings sustainability to new heights.

Each room has an outdoor coconut wooden deck with privacy screens. The doors are made to resemble the traditional Maldivian style of wood work and carpentry used in the old days. Similarly, the use of locally made rope and other parts from the coconut trees make this a truly Maldivian room.

Even the curtains have been selected with bright colours and materials that were used in local houses more than 30 years ago. The light fittings, sofas and chairs inside the room are all handmade using local timber.

A totally different green environment slightly inside the island, few steps away from the beach, each Kotari has a private sand deck with a beautiful staircase. These private sand decks, with the blue ocean view and the greenery is the reason, why it’s been the choice of many. This is something unique to aaaVeee and not seen yet in other resort. The front yard features carefully selected local trees and shrubs, and a relaxing deck. Each room has an outdoor shower where guests can have the full view of the islands’ tree canopy. The outdoor shower area has coconut trees which were deliberately left to avoid them being cut down for construction. These rooms are in block of 4 and located close to each other, by the thick vegetation.